Braille Materials 

The Instructional Materials Center (IMC) is committed to providing accessible educational materials to students who need alternative formats.  Braille is one of the alternative formats that the IMC provides.  The IMC Team has developed a series of short videos explaining how braille materials are created, the guidelines followed to produced materials and what educators can do to ensure students receive the best high-quality braille for students when they need it. 

When a student needs braille for class assignments, worksheets, textbooks, workbooks, assessments and more: 

  • The IMC Team checks to see if the library has the materials available in the library collection.  
  • If it is available, the materials are checked out to the student and sent for the student to use. 
  • If it is not already available in the library, the IMC team finds the materials from another source to put into braille, once ready it is sent to the student to use and it is added to the library collection for future students to use.

Overview and Braille Guidelines

Guideline Resources:

Planning Braille Transcription Projects

Creating Tactiles

Braille Inside Tactiles

Tactile Maps

Upcoming Events

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