2022 AEM & Braille Online Course

Summer Online Course – Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) and Braille for Paraeducators and Associates

We know how important the role of Paraeducators, Associates and Educators play in ensuring students have the accessible educational materials they need to succeed and how important braille support is to students. We want to help make sure educators have the information they need.

The Instructional Materials Center and Library will be offering an 8 week online, self-paced course focusing on providing an introduction to braille and accessible educational materials. While the course focuses on information for paraeducators and associates, other educators may find the information useful and are welcome to register. A $200.00 honorarium will be available to those who successfully complete the training.

This course combines our library’s Braille Bits course and our IMC courses on accessible educational materials into one.

Braille Bits is an introductory course to braille designed to familiarize participants with the braille system, with braille contractions and their usage, and with the rules of braille. It provides 21 short lessons with podcasts and homework to reinforce each lesson. As participants work through the Braille Bits lessons they will have access to the library’s certified braille transcribers to answer questions and provide information. Participants will be provided with a braille alphabet card, flash cards and a “braille cheat sheet” poster.

The AEM portion of the course will use videos, resources, and articles to provide information and learning opportunities to sharpen your skills. Participants will provide reflections after each topic to help plan how the concepts can be used with students. Some of the topics will include introductions to; our library and Instructional Materials Center, AEM and Ordering accessible educational materials for students, Universal Design for Learning, and accessibility.

Google Classroom will be used to access course lessons, assignments and resources.

Course: June 13th – August 7th (self-paced using Google Classroom)
Registration Due: June 8th by 5:00pm

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