Online Catalog

Anyone can browse our Online Catalog for information about every book in our library’s collection! It displays the complete bibliographic record, including author, narrator, annotation, length, and availability.  Search by author, title, subject and format.

Simple Steps for Using OASIS (Online Accessible Student Information Source) and the Library Catalog

The library’s online catalog is a great place to start searching for books a student may need for school.  If a book is already in our collection, it will be in the library catalog. If the book is available and not already checked out, we can get it to you right away.  This includes textbooks and other materials that students may need for school. 

Online Catalog

To make searching for educational materials a bit easier, we have created a collection within a collection.  This collection is called Oasis – Online Accessible Student Information Source.  If you are looking for a textbook or other educational materials, you can search in just Oasis.  To search for materials in Oasis, go to Advanced Search under the Search tab.  Once you are in Advanced Search, scroll down until you see the Category box.  Choose Oasis from the drop down menu and then IDB from the Library drop down menu.  Now you can go back up and enter your search terms in the search boxes, whether it’s an ISBN, title, keyword or a combination.  To limit your search even further, you can choose the specific Media Type you are searching for (Braille, Digital Books, Large Type, etc.).

Please don’t hesitate to call the library with any questions!  We are here to help you find what you are looking for!