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2021 Iowa Regional Braille Challenge

Congratulations to all of our 2021 participants in this year’s Braille Challenge!

2021 Iowa Regional Braille Challenge Award Winners

  • Apprentice Group
    • 1st Place:  Khanh T.
    • 2nd Place: Quinten G.
  • Freshman Group
    • 1st Place:  Jordyn R.
    • 2nd Place: Brinley P.
  • Sophomore Group
    • 1st Place: Tayler S.
    • 2nd Place:  Eva A.                           
  • Junior Varsity Group
    • 1st Place:  Nathan D.
    • 2nd Place: Jalyn D.
    • 3rd Place: Zachary N.
  • Varsity Group
    • 1st Place: Nathan M.
    • 2nd Place:  Kadyn H.
    • 3rd Place:  Trevor M.

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