Braille Bits Lessons


Welcome! Each lesson is designed to test the student’s ability to learn and understand Unified English Braille provided in each Braille Bits lesson. Keep in mind this is just an introductory course designed to familiarize you with the rules and codes of Unified English Braille.

Before you begin, download the free PerkyDuck program from . Once you have successfully downloaded this program, you will use your computer keyboard to create your braille. On your keyboard, letter f (dot 1), letter d (dot 2), letter s (dot 3), letter j (dot 4), letter k (dot 5) and letter l (dot 6). After completion, each lesson must be submitted to Denise Bean at for review and correction in an electronic file via e-mail. Only one lesson at a time should be submitted. Please provide your name, date, and lesson number at the top of each lesson you submit.

After a certified braillist has reviewed each lesson, you will receive an  e-mail pointing out errors and supportive comments and suggestions to aid in learning and gaining a better understanding of the Unified English Braille Code.

In addition, upon time of sign-up each student will receive in the mail an 11×17 Unified English Braille Chart and other material to get you started down the road of developing your braille skills.

It is our humble privilege to bring the Braille Bits Online program to you. Simply go at your own pace and know that support is standing by to assist. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact any member of our braille production team listed below.

Denise Bean, 515-452-1338,
Karen Cunningham, 515-452-1339,
Roxanne Book, 515-210-7856,

Thank you!
Denise Bean, Youth Service Librarian and Braille Transcriber
Instructional Materials Center
Iowa Department for the Blind


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