About the IMC

Instructional Materials Center (IMC) is the library unit which assists students and others with their textbook, research, and career needs. The IMC serves students in two principal ways. Its primary function is to provide textbooks and educational material to students from kindergarten through college. Its secondary function is to help students find resources for research projects. In order to use these services, a student must be enrolled as a library patron and actively borrow from our leisure reading collection each year.

K-12 Students
Itinerant vision teachers or other school personnel contact the IMC with requests for books for students in grades K-12. Providing the IMC with all pertinent information on required books as far in advance as possible is the most effective way to ensure receiving the books on time.  Click here for information on ordering  K-12 student materials.

For more information on accessible instructional materials, see the Iowa Department of Education’s True AIM website

Reading Disabled Students
The IMC can provide recorded textbooks and Kurzweil files to reading disabled students who qualify for services. These requests can be made by students, parents, teachers, or Area Education Agency personnel.

Post-Secondary Students
College students or vocational trainees are responsible for requesting course materials from the IMC. The student must obtain all pertinent information and give it to the IMC as early as possible.

Find out what books your classes will require by asking the college bookstore, your professors, or the department secretaries. Start gathering this information as soon as you know what classes you will be taking.

The IMC needs to have your textbook order a minimum of two to three months before your class starts. This will give staff time to search for the book and to have the first part of it transcribed, if it is not already available.

Link to Material Order Form for Post-Secondary Students