Weekly Dose of Braille

Tis the season for worksheets, and usually with worksheets, questions roll into my inbox about formatting. Keep in mind when transcribing or proofreading a table, a lot of decision making comes down to the transcriber discretion, and most importantly, consistency and ease of reading. Guidelines are provided and should be referred to often. — Denise Bean

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The Weekly Dose of Braille is created by our Braille Transcriber, Denise Bean, with the help of our Instructional Materials team. It gives you a taste of braille examples that may be used in worksheets or textbook formatting. This insightful Weekly Dose of Braille brings your attention to the common use of Unified English Braille and how to implement these rules and formats used by braille transcribers and proofreaders. It is a miscellaneous mixture of tricky, sometimes challenging circumstances, that a braille transcriber may come across or question, but are neatly put into a Weekly Dose of Braille for your easy access. Provided each week is a downloadable PDF file on each topic, a brf file can also be made available for your convenience.