New Braille Bits Podcast: Lesson 18

Join us for a great conversation as Denise talks to a very special guest, Judy Dixon, Consumer Relations Officer for the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS).  They will also review Braille Bits Lesson 18.

What is Braille Bits? Braille Bits is an introductory class that is flexible and convenient, supportive, and structured in providing a fun, tiny size sampling of braille. You may want to call this dot learning experience, an appetizer of braille.

This online program is designed to teach braille to sighted people who have connections with braille readers. For example, teachers and parents are taught through a combination of visual representation of braille dot positions, through lessons, homework and a podcast. Did we mention a Podcast? Prepare to be both entertained and delighted by listening to others share their love for braille.

For more Braille Bits information:
Braille Bits Introduction
Braille Bits Lessons
Braille Bits Podcast

Watch Your Mail! Updated IMC Handbooks and Accessible From the Start Packets are on their way

Updated IMC Handbook for Ordering Instructional Materials and the Accessible from the Start Packets were mailed out last Thursday. We want to make sure everyone receives a copy. If you didn’t receive a packet or would like additional copies, please let us know. This is a great opportunity to have all your needed references and questions answered in one spot!

You may also find the information online on the Ordering Materials page and on the Accessible from the Start page.

Thanks, IMC Team

Weekly Dose of Braille

It seems there are a lot of pictures that we come across when going through young reader’s material from first to third grades. Today’s Dose will give you just a few examples of the most commonly used. In addition, the new BANA Guidelines for the Transcription of Early Educational Materials from Print to Braille is available in both PDF and brf format on the BANA website.

For more information and to see past Weekly Dose of Braille topics check out our Weekly Dose of Braille Page.

The Weekly Dose of Braille is created by our Braille Transcriber, Denise Bean, with the help of our Instructional Materials team. It gives you a taste of braille examples that may be used in worksheets or textbook formatting. This insightful Weekly Dose of Braille brings your attention to the common use of Unified English Braille and how to implement these rules and formats used by braille transcribers and proofreaders. It is a miscellaneous mixture of tricky, sometimes challenging circumstances, that a braille transcriber may come across or question, but are neatly put into a Weekly Dose of Braille for your easy access. Provided each week is a downloadable PDF file on each topic, a brf file can also be made available for your convenience.

New Youth Library Program Starting This January – Braille Babies

Bunny with a book

Our library is introducing a brand new program, Braille Babies!  Participants will receive a free braille book, access to monthly resources filled with helping tools designed to stretch and explore new experiences at the turn and touch of each page.

Braille Babies

For Ages: 0-4 years’ old

Design of the Program

  • Teaching children the importance of exploring touch, textures and tactiles
  • Elaborate on a multi-sensory approach to reading readiness
  • Time to play!
  • Beginning Braille Skills Are Explored
  • Monthly Braille Activities Provided
  • Parent Resources
  • Monthly Parent Sessions
  • Personalized Activity Box received at sign up!

Please join us, for our VERY FIRST Braille Babies Virtual Event  on January 16th at 11:00am

Register for Braille Babies

If you have any questions please contact Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian at, (515)452-1338